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Birthdate:Jun 1
Maria Argentine (mid 40s) is an unemployed chef. She has long brown hair, brown eyes, and is slightly taller than average with a slender build. An advertisement for a culinary workshop, hosted by her former high school friend, Daniela (who she hasn't seen or spoken to in over ten years), prompts her to travel out to Harmony's Landing.

Maria is a determined and motivated individual. Out of high school, with no financial prospects or desire to continue her education, Maria began her career as a waitress, eventually working her way into the kitchen and finding great success there. After fifteen years in the industry, she opened her own restaurant with the love of her life. Recently though, all of that has come crashing down. After a rocky break-up with her long time business and life partner, she has sold her share in the restaurant and is doing some soul-searching as she journeys out to Harmony's Landing and a connection with her past.

Maria is:
Curious, Friendly, Determined, Detailed, Adaptable

Maria is strong in:
Agility(quick reflexes), Cooking/knifework, Situational Awareness, Improvisation, Hydroponic Gardening

Maria is weak in:
Physical combat, Complex Games/Puzzles, Negotiation, Technology, "Book Learning"

Maria has with her:
Professional 12-piece knife set, dried herbs and spices, 3 piece set of chef's coats, aprons, and hats, small first aid kit with band-aids and anti-burn cream, seeds and plant starters, small hydroponic gardening set-up (lights, tubes, water, glass bulbs), credit card with plentiful credits, high school year book, necklaces and bracelets, swim suit, personal clothing and toiletries

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